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Bull Bunny Cuck [Android]

As a typical young adult, your life is a mix of college classes, gaming sessions, and clocking in hours at your part-time gig. However, the ordinary facade of Greymont is cracking; whispers of unusual activity stir beneath the surface of the predominantly white community. A shift is unfurling—one that eludes your comprehension.

Amid surging protests, a spike in crime, political turmoil, and a cultural metamorphosis, your emotions are a tangled web. Where do you stand amidst the chaos?

Unearth the hidden enigmas of Greymont, make pivotal decisions, and steer the narrative of both your destiny and the town's future.

Will you embody the fearless, assertive black alpha male who bows to no one, embody the graceful young white woman on a journey of self-discovery, or assume the role of the bewildered white youth who follows the crowd?

The narrative adapts to your choices, and Greymont's fate rests in your hands.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6c)
Younger Sister Scenes (Kyler):
Scene 7 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about family members being sexist and racist.
Scene 10 – Kyler asks if you are a sexist at breakfast.
Scene 16 – Spy on Kyler in her bedroom masturbating.
Scene 18 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about how white males need feminism.
Scene 19 – Attend feminist meeting with Kyler led by Mr.Blackwell.
Scene 20 – Dream about Kyler masturbating in front of you.
Scene 21 – See Kyler and Mr.Blackwell talking outside your house.
Scene 22 – Eavesdrop on Kyler talking on the phone with her friend Chloe in her room.
Scene 23 – Spy on Kyler in her room changing clothing.
Scene 24 – Kyler tells you that Mr.Blackwell gives her rides home.
Scene 25 – At a feminist meeting with Kyler, Mr.Blackwell confronts you about your sexism.
Scene 26 – See condoms in Kyler’s room.
Scene 27 – Dream about Kyler in the kitchen acting sexy.
Scene 28 – Eavesdrop on Kyler as she talks on the phone to Mr.Blackwell.
Scene 29 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about how white males need to be deprogrammed.
Scene 30 – Spy on Kyler’s computer and see her pictures.
Scene 31 – Mr.Blackwell catches you spying on Kyler at the feminist meeting.
Scene 32 – Dream about Kyler in class with Mr.Blackwell.
Scene 33 – Kyler takes Mr.Blackwell home to meet your family.
Scene 34 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about how to deprogram a white father.
Scene 35 – See Kyler and Mr.Blackwell kissing in her room at your house.
Scene 36 – Dream about an angel Kyler and a demon Kyler convincing Kyler to be good or bad.
Scene 37 – Kyler accuses you of being racist and needing deprogramming at breakfast.
Scene 38 – See Mr.Blackwell having sex with his goth student at a feminist meeting.
Scene 39 – See Kyler walking down the street with Mr.Blackwell and another black guy and kissing them.
Scene 40 – Kyler is comes home late and is caught by Nicole.
Rating: 6/10
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