Bound To College [Android] Download

Bound To College [Android]

Embark on an engrossing escapade with "Bound to College," an independent video game where your personal choices sculpt the unfolding narrative. Assume the role of a sophomore college student poised to navigate fresh adventures and interact with fascinating personalities. However, here's the intriguing catch: every choice you make carries significant weight, steering the storyline and molding the relationships you cultivate.

In "Bound to College," the consequences of your selections are amplified. Immerse yourself in dialogues, confront challenging choices, and observe as your actions create waves in the existence of other characters. Your roommate, peers, and even professors will take note of your decisions, shaping their view of you and the trajectories of their own lives. Will you cultivate friendships across the board, or will you become entangled in disputes and rivalries? The power to craft your own college saga and influence the destiny of those around you lies in your hands.

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Project QT
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