Big Brother In Space [Android] Download

Big Brother In Space [Android]

A fresh spin on the 'Big Brother' concept finds you marooned in the cosmos, your vessel immobilized by malfunctioning hyperdrive until salvation comes at a Federation space outpost. As pioneers of human interaction with the Federation, you are cordoned off to a designated area of the station. Within this novel environment, Ann and Lisa are quickly identified by the station's authorities for their skills and are put to work. Meanwhile, Alice and yourself are categorized as non-essential personnel, restricted to your assigned quarters until the station's overseer deems it suitable for you to venture out. The fifth member of your original crew, Kira, is undergoing a stringent medical evaluation after the discovery of a parasitic organism within her stasis chamber.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.8.5)
– complete rework of the opportunities to new character quests
– added a VN mode
– fixed a few bugs
– added/extended some of the repeatable events to refle
Rating: 5.7/10
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