Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery [Android] Download

Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery [Android]

In a world divided between those who dominate and those who are dominated, meet two contrasting individuals: Lothar, now a master Mage proficient in body-altering magic; and Illonia, whose voluptuous allure is as potent as her sorcery in concluding battles. Together, they navigate this hedonistic realm equipped with their unique skills, seeking new companions to partake in their indulgent escapades. Utilize their abilities to either conquer adversaries by bending bodies to your will or relinquish control, possibly finding value in the exchange. Ultimately, it's up to you to define the participants in these rapturous endeavors.

(Note: The previous title 'Here comes the Messer' is mentioned to avoid confusion)

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.09)
-New huge maps to dicover, on the northern part of the forest.
-4 New characters to meet (2 duo), with a lot of options on how you’ll interact with them (no scenes with them yet though)
-A new mechanic : Faction Allegiance. Depending on your actions, The bandits and goblins could like you more or less. And there’ll be some consequences in the fights
-New items for Illonia : Dildos. You’ll get them by completing quests. There’s currently 3 of those !
-A bit of a continuation of a main quest, and new side quest related to the new characters.
-New quest types : Slut challenges. If you saved Elleria, go talk to her after Illonia has been transformed, she’ll give some fun challenges.
-New short animations of enemies groping Illonia or Lothar. If you have high allegiance with a faction, mobs of this faction will start to use those attacks.
-New masturbation animations for Illonia’s new body. They’ll change depending on the Dildo she have equipped, and the active transformations on her.
-New post-combat scenes when using transformations, for Illonia’s new body. Those are complete new scenes, not just the old scenes with the new model.
-New short scenes, that you’ll find while exploring the new maps.
-New short scenes in the elf’s house, unlocked as you complete slut challenges.
-20 new pics to find and buy from the gnome.
-Changed the music for the first forest portions. The 45s loop was quickly getting annoying.
-Fixed a bug where opening 10 gold purse would only give you the content of 5 of them (while consuming all 10)
-Slightly improved the gold you can get in gold purses and added more of those, to avoid too much grind if you want all the pics from the gnome.
-Added a few new event after defeating the ogre, so there’s a better flow and you always have a quest objective telling you what to do.
-Added three new standalone scenes in the camps.
-Fixed a bug where lewd sounds would continue even after a scene was done (there might be some scenes that I missed, report it to me)
-Made a compressed and a regular version for the PC
-The usual bugfixes and changes here and there.
Rating: 9.8/10
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