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Babysitters [Android]

You found yourself cast in the role of a well-known and sought-after fashion photographer. It was through this career that you encountered the love of your life. Although she was already a mother to a mature daughter, you fell in love and eventually married her. Before long, you were delighted to expand your family with the birth of a son, a child you both deeply desired.

For a time, you felt as though all your dreams had been fulfilled. Yet, as life unfolded, your wife began to experience frustration—stemming in part from the disparity between your professional life, photographing attractive models in swimwear, and her day-to-day life, attending to your son's needs and changing his diapers. Desiring to return to her profession as an event manager to utilize her talents, she understandably sought your support, which you willingly gave. However, this brought about an expectation for you to take on a greater share of household responsibilities and childcare, a commitment that seemed incompatible with the demands of your thriving career.

The idea of relying on her older daughter to assist was quickly dismissed; she had grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, often consumed with live streaming her video game sessions or applying makeup. Recognizing your leniency in her upbringing, you realized that any fantasies of disciplining her for her arrogance were impractical—not only because of your non-confrontational nature but also because she was not your biological child. In light of this, it became apparent that the most viable option would be to employ a babysitter.

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Changelog (v0.1.0)
1.) Angelica LonelyFans (Robert Continuation)
2.) Angelica & Erica 1st teaching session (MakeUp, HighHeels, SunTan)
3.) TV news segments
4.) Office Meeting with Tony
5.) Massage Parlour (various scenarios – including Kylie, Jessica, Lara and MC)
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