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Apartment 1b [Android]

Suddenly removed from your comfortable lifestyle and thrust into an unknown setting, you are tasked with mastering the necessary skills to excel in the role of a property manager. Under the guidance of your uncle, you'll be challenged to manage financials, handle various tasks, and nurture the relationships with your tenants effectively. Ensuring their satisfaction is crucial!

Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.4)

Fixed hint menu wording
Fixed bug when you had more than one message available, the notification went away
Fixed first Brittany interaction(s)
Fixed first Holly interactions(s)
Fixed issue with Brittany stats if you went down the deny route
Fixed bug where girls denied changing outfits when they had the stats for it
Fixed Motel issue where people would answer mid-day rather than night
Fixed issue with Sam in the shower not showing
Updated frequency of items breaking in late-game
Fixed Mall images being displayed during wrong times-of-day
Fixed issue with Bar-maid not working during certain time-slots
Economy has been updated early game and long term (less grindy)
Added fluidity to animations and daily call-stack wipes to mitigate lag
Fixed numerous beginning scene graphics to appeal to current aesthetic

New Features:

Textbox transparency option
Replays for all non-repeatable story scenes
Rent Control
Theater and Dinner dates to boost stats
Dates also have the chance to reduce Jealousy, if needed
To perform dates, you need at least $100 in your bank
Visit all rooms in the apartment where available
You’ll finally get some help maintaining the apartment
Added more intuitive conversations through texts

Game play Updates:

Side events are triggered at the girls door, rather than through text
Cameras now reflect all scenes and types when girls are in their private rooms
Realistic night time images for sandbox and cameras
Samantha and Isabella now have complete interactions in their room, when available.
All girls can be taken on a date. What they wear affects the outcome!
Sam and Isabella can now go shopping as well.
UI updates to phone and computer for easier interactions.
Tutorials section on main menu to help with Phone/Computer questions
Jobs can now ‘expire’ so they can’t be performed.

For scene Updates:
This is the end of Chapter 1. The beginning of our story has come to a close.
12 New story events (two trees, 18 possible events to have based on choices)
New Holly (4), Amber (5) and Bella (3) events available.
Rating: 7.8/10
50 votes
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