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Alena’s New Life [Android]

Alena has reached the age of 18, and with this milestone, she has chosen to leave her home behind. A thrilling adventure beckons in an unfamiliar town, where she's bound to forge new friendships and rivalries while exploring new locales and encountering fresh experiences.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6.8)

3 scenes added in pizza delivery with Sophie And Jennifer
Loren can join you in Mia’s office, when in sub mode, talk to her to join Alena to give Mia services
Few more more spy footage of Mia, when you get to the forth one you can get Lara to Mia’s office. so she could have fun with her.
5 Scenes added when Alena uses Lara as a toy fort Mia
 Lara use Alena as a prostitute, when Alena invites her over the 2nd time. There two scenes for this, one is lesbian only path and the other one is mixed.
 Alena realizes Alex is Friends with Mia
Rating: 7.3/10
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