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After Class [Android]

Having recently relocated to the city for a new beginning, you find yourself embarking on your first day at college amidst the unfamiliar bustle of urban life. With no acquaintances to call your own in this metropolitan expanse, the prospect of meeting new faces is both exciting and daunting. Throughout the course of your day at the educational institution, you cross paths with an eclectic mix of individuals. Some extend a welcoming warmth, while others strike you as quaint or unconventional; a few even carry the weight of complex histories within them.

Nevertheless, you find yourself forming bonds with ease, quickly drawing close to this diverse group of peers. As the bonds deepen, layers begin to peel away; these newfound friends begin to reveal aspects of themselves hidden from the general gaze. Intriguingly, alongside these budding relationships, a dream that had once retreated to the shadows of your memory resurfaces with unexpected clarity. You're left pondering if the emergence of this dream bears any significance related to your newly established connections, or if it's merely a curious stroke of chance.

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