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Acolytes of the Chrystal [Android]

Andrew and his companion embark on a quest to locate their lost colleague amid the enigmatic Kathartra Ruins. Join them as they unravel the disappearance of Dr. Malum, with Andrew grappling with his mentor's arrogance while delving into the deepening enigma of the ruins, where appearances are deceiving.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.2.6)
Hey Guys.
So, the sixth update is finally available and I couldn’t be more proud of it. I have to be honest you guys, I may have gotten a bit ambitious with this one. Not only is there a new kind of sex scene here (several viewpoints), but there is a completely new game mode (investigation). This is the reason that the story of Gerdalt couldn’t fit into one update but is being stretched over two. I really hope you like this update and I cannot wait to hear from you.
You meet the new teacher Gerdalt of Riverdale in this update. He is a witch hunter, who teaches survival skills at the academy of the Chrystal. He is a tough and stoic character, who it’s gonna be hard to get a smile out of.
You follow Gerdalt into the greenhouse (a completely new area of the school). Together you will investigate the case of the missing teacher Callidus and the monster that might break free at any moment.
This update has a bunch of new art, some of it NSFW and some SFW. This is a breakdown of what you can expect:
– 5 NSFW CG’s
– 5 new animated sex scenes
– 9 new background
– 1 new game mode
Gerdalt comes from a world infested with monsters. He is tough, stoic, and not a man to be tampered with. He takes no shit from anyone, but as a result of thereof, he can be a bit hard to deal with.
This update has a ton of new content from a programming perspective:
– 8 new room
– 1 partial romanceable thread
I really hope you like this update and as always, please let me know what you think.
Rating: 5.6/10
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