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A Wife’s Phone [Android]

"A Wife's Phone" is an immersive, adult-oriented, text-based interactive experience featuring themes such as infidelity, voyeurism, psychological manipulation, hypnosis, transformation, and more complex adult content. In this virtual narrative, the player embodies a husband whose routine life takes an unexpected twist when the fabric of his reality begins to unravel. The husband, amidst a gradual shift in his environment, is drawn into the secretive lives of others, particularly exploring the hidden dimensions of marital faithfulness. He stumbles upon an enigmatic app with peculiar capabilities—its functionalities will be revealed as you delve into the game.

Structured as a realistic phone simulator, the game involves receiving messages, monitoring women's social media profiles, and engaging with a distinctive app that enables the player to influence the characters within the story.

Support from players is pivotal. Your encouragement not only fuels my passion for game development but also signifies that the content created resonates with an audience, inspiring continued progress on this project. Your contribution is highly appreciated and essential in guiding my creative journey.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4.5)
I’ve written 17-18k dialogue lines so far. They consist of about 100k words. I’ve added 33 videos and 280 images to the new version.
– The branch of the MC’s mother – 35 steps (the start of a new branch; it’s gonna be really hot)
– The MC’s feminisation branch – 25 steps (Jenna keeps teasing the MC; Salim joins her)
– The branch of Salim and the debt – around 40 steps (If you don’t pay Salim, the MC will have to face certain consequences (His wife will have to face the consequences, to be exact. These consequences aren’t exactly pleasant But that depends on your perspective))
– The branch of the MC’s new company and the wife’s job in that company – 46 steps (The wife will start working for the MC’s company and meet a very interesting man there)
– The branch of the wife and her job – 65 steps (The continuation of the story of the wife, Mr Sins and Mia (the wife’s colleague). The wife will try a new kind of sex)
– The branch of the wife and Jenna – 50 steps (Jenna will keep telling the wife about how diverse sex can be and trying to persuade her to experiment)
– The branch of the wife and the MC’s brother – 25 steps (The wife will decide to end her relationship with the MC’s brother, but it won’t be easy)
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