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A Home In The Desert [Android]

This game centers on a family entrenched in the entertainment industry whose fortunes have crumbled due to a damaging scandal. As the player, you step into the shoes of the daughter, whose primary objective is to restore her family’s prestige and success from the depths of absolute rock bottom. With nothing more than each other and a dilapidated house in a remote location, your tasks include overseeing the household and honing your abilities, all the while grappling with the challenges of an intensified futanari libido.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.3)
– 2 new quests (WiP)
– Added the job system
– Added the cooking system along with the following additions:
– Cooking menu/system
– Angelina is now scheduled to prepare meals for the family, provided she has the necessary ingredients
– Fridge screen
– Errands system
– Expanded the “sisters breakfast” mini-event
– Expanded the “dishwashing” mini-event
– Expanded the “Angelina’s movie night” mini-event
– Added the “sisters TV afternoon” mini-event
– Added the “Eve bookreading” mini-event
– Night summary re-implementation and expansion
– Added bios in the girl’s character menu
– Added a new minigame, and an event that triggers the first time you win it.
– New weather system. Temperature now affects the tenant’s mood (and their appearance)
– The heating/cooling system is now properly implemented, and comes with an “auto” mode.
– Added an alarm clock.
– Added gameovers when a tenant’s mood reaches 0.
– Added some small sounds effects here and there
– Changed the time skip buttons to 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours. No more quarter and half hours.
– The event’s schedule was remade accordingly.
– Reworked the dialogue window (again) for good. No more portraits frame,
and the stupid self-made narrator text window was removed for smoother gameplay.
– The navigation button from the livingroom to the outside was made bigger and higher.
– Changed the house-front location.
– The small HUD is now the default one. The mini-tutorial was changed accordingly.
– Changed the screen order. The HUD is now properly at the front, and the navigation buttons don’t overlap
with the HUD anymore.
– The skill checks are now calculated differently and in a more straightforward manner.
– Larry now visits on Wednesday.
– Burglary
– Skill system
– Job system for the tenants
– Riley’s job introduction event, and some other events
– Debt collector
As you can see, some things were postponed. Some text was written for some events, but they were delayed to 0.4. This will allow me to save time for the next update.
Rating: 6/10
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