8 Days with the Diva [Android] Download

8 Days with the Diva [Android]

In the decade of the 2070s, assume the identity of Snake Siemen, a rising star within the ranks of the notorious Talon organization. Entrusted by your superior, Doomfist, who believes strongly in your potential, you are determined to meet his expectations. You've been presented with a unique opportunity to ascend within Talon's hierarchy by passing a challenging test. The target is none other than the renowned gamer, live streamer, film star, and accomplished combat pilot known as D.Va, who has recently been captured and is now Talon's prisoner. You are granted a window of 8 days to mold D.Va into a valuable asset for Talon, employing any means you deem appropriate. Yet, as you undertake this mission, be wary; rival top-tier Talon operatives lurk in the shadows, eager to throw a wrench in your efforts, potentially leading to a rapidly escalating and intricate situation.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.8.0)
+The final day of training. D.Va’s fate is decided here!
+Glory hole training for D.VA! Or maybe some group sex?
+Share a tender moment with WIDOWMAKER
+Have a spicy time with SOMBRA
+DAY 08 complete
+Endings begin next update!
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